Through the eyes of…

This section of my site was set up to give others the opportunity to speak out about their experiences; to advise, give counsel and spread hope to others.

Everyones journey is different, offering a new perspective on recovery from all manner of  mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle issues. 

The stories of others hold an amazing amount of power:
They create identity through common themes and issues people can associate with.
They spread hope.
They enable people to build empathy and understanding in areas they lacked knowledge about previously.

For the readers: I ask that you read every story with respect. Admire the bravery it takes to come forward and open up. I hope they help you look at others differently, to build compassion instead of comparisons and judgement. That you develop a new understanding around topics that society usually bury behind negative stigma which creates mass amounts of misunderstanding.

Emotional Abuse…Through Her Eyes
A Glimpse into Her World…Self-Harm and Depression
Anorexia through her eyes…

Depression Through the Eyes of…Dan Kelly

Do You Have a Story To Share?

I have such a heart for hearing the journeys of others and helping people realise the potential they have for helping others through them.
Sharing can be hugely healing experience for those sharing their stories, bringing freedom as they allow own their experiences to help others.

Should you want to get in contact, I am happy to meet in person (providing coffee is available) or converse by email, please follow the link below, or get hold of me on my social media links.

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