Almond and Cranberry Bliss Balls

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here and I wanted to get the ball rolling again with this absolutely scummy recipe for Protein Bliss Ball made from none other than (drum roll please…) Weet Bix! I actually came across it on the back of a Weet Bix box and then, since I am…

Spelt Flour Bread Rolls

Bread gets a bad rep and I’m not so sure it’s deserved! In this weeks recipe post I explain all about the glorious benefits of bread in our diet, and give you an easy recipe to add to your weekly meal prep.

Veggie Quiche with Seasoned Pastry

Quiche is such an easy family favourite meal. Perfect for lift lunches with a salad, or warmed up as a hearty evening meal with roasted veggies, this recipe is a must make to have stored in your fridge this week.

Turmeric and Dukkah Hummus

This of you who know me well know I love making my own hummus recipes. I have tried and tested a fair few and this has to be my favourite yet and it is all thanks to the Dukkah seasoning which gives an authentic Middle Eastern taste and its irresistible flavour with the mix of…

Chocolate Nut Crunch Granola

I first came across this recipe on a blog I love by Minimalist Baker and decided to make it since the family I au pair for make a lot of their own cereals, mueslis and protein balls from scratch! I have experiemented with the recipe, chopping and changing bits up and this is honestly the…

Cooking For Kids: Zucchini Slice

This recipe is a family favourite and a must try if you are trying to feed young children or toddlers. Finger-food friendly, backed with healthy proteins, fats and hidden vegetables, it’s a health kick no lunch box should be without.

Spiced Citrus Mince Pies

Nothing says “Christmas is on the way” like the smell of home made Mince Pies, served with brandy butter and a glass of Port (so Surrey…#NotEvenSorry)

This traditional British sweet (once savoury) pie can be traced back to the 13th Century when European crusaders bought back an abundance of rich dried fruits, mince meats and spices. Today it is a well recognised and utterly delicious seasonal must.

This recipe provides the perfect sweet & citrusy (and rather boozy) addition to your Christmas party!