Spelt Flour Bread Rolls

Bread gets a bad rep and I’m not so sure it’s deserved! In this weeks recipe post I explain all about the glorious benefits of bread in our diet, and give you an easy recipe to add to your weekly meal prep.

Green Machine Smoothie

Ok, a little cliché, and I’m not really a smoothie kinda person to be honest. But sometimes I fancy a green smoothie and this recipe just hits the spot.  These flavours complement each other so well that it’s actually become a recipe I use after I’ve overdone the GnTs, or as part of a refreshing afternoon…

Very Berry Banana Bread

Filled with bursting berries which keep it moist and sweet; this banana bread is one of my families favourites and will not disappoint your tastebuds.

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Hummus

Creamy sweet and spicy hummus. Perfect served as part of a Mezze board, surrounded by colourful veggies and toasted flatbreads.