All You Need To Know About Exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery

Exercise and regular movement does an abundance of good for your mental and physical health. It can help decrease anxiety and depression, build confidence and aid the development of positive body image. But when addressing the role exercise has in the recovery from an eating disorders it’s a tricky one. Exercise is unlikely to benefit…

Top Tips for Balancing Exercise in Recovery from an Eating Disorder

The amazing effects of exercise on increasing mental wellbeing, especially for those with anxiety, depression and PTSD, has been widely documented. But what about when exercise itself can be a contributor to poor mental health, such as in eating disorders?

The role of exercise in recovery from disordered eating is tricky, how do you fight away the ritualistic behaviours? The compulsion? The obsessions? It can become a socially acceptable way to feed into the eating disorders demands.

In this post I offer up my Top 5 Tips to challenging and balancing exercise in recovery.

Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

In this post I explore anxiety and give you an insight into my own experiences of anxiety. From hyperventilating panic attacks, fear of food, migraines & more, what is the purpose of this “protective” emotion? and how much control do we really have over our perceptions & responses?

It’s ok to feel fear. It’s what we do about our fears that determines who we are and who we become.

Poor Mental Health vs Mental Illness: Know The Difference!

Mental Health vs Mental Illness
Is there a difference? And do you think it’s possible to have good mental health and be mentally ill?
Would you agree you could have poor mental health in the absence of a mental illness?

This blog explains and explores these questions.
I share my 5 KEY POINTS when addressing mental health vs mental illness along with an action point so that you can become more self-aware in thought and behaviour starting today.

Stressed And Starving to Star-Performing

Hannah’s story is a must read.
From champion runner, winning medals to running herself down a slippery slope into the arms of her eating disorder.
Hannah almost lost everything she’d spent years working hard and training for.
She speaks truth about stress, it’s destructive impact on our health, but how we, with help and unconditional support of those around us, ultimately have the ability to turn destructiveness into determination to become star-performers

“Fat” Is Not A Feeling

  From the billion pound diet industries, to racism, sexism, ableism, and homophobia our world tells us not to love our bodies, even as far as to be ashamed of the skin we’re in. Too often people refer to “feeling fat” as if “fat” is an adjective, the same as feeling ‘happy’, ’tired’, ‘restless’ or…

Dirty Secrets Behind Clean Eating

Having just watched Grace Victory’s “Dirty Secrets Behind Clean Eating” I felt compelled to write a post about this topic. The programme raised some important points about the dangers of who we trust within the health and fitness industry, and she did so in a lighthearted, informative way. It’s an industry saturated with bloggers, Vloggers and…

9 Eating Disorder Myths Busted

Since it’s ‘World Eating Disorders Action Day’ I wanted to write a a post debunking nine common myths about eating disorders, and just offer some personal reflections from my own journey.  If you are currently struggling with an eating disorder, or any mental health illness, please be reassured from this post, and the other blogs on…

Depression Through the Eyes of…Dan Kelly

I was introduced to Dan through social media; a talented young man no doubt, whose passion for writing shines through his own WordPress site. Just like many other talented artists,  Dan too has unfortunately endured, and overcome, his own mental battles. His account below is not only fantastically articulated, but bravely allows us all a glimpse…

Anorexia through her eyes…

  This, very honest, account was given to me by a dear friend, who I had the pleasure of meeting (albeit through unfortunate circumstances) in 2009. Following are brief meeting a friendship blossomed.  Although our lives moved in different directions I tried to stand by sidelines, aiming to be a constant supporter and encouragement through…