Coconut Berry FroYo

Coconut Berry FroYo Ice cream has never been tastier or healthier! The perfect summer desert to soothe your sunburn, packed with loads of scrummy sweet berries and coconut milk. I make this for the kids I take care of and they love it, especially as it’s pink as well. I cut up fresh fruit for…

Green Machine Smoothie

Ok, a little cliché, and I’m not really a smoothie kinda person to be honest. But sometimes I fancy a green smoothie and this recipe just hits the spot.  These flavours complement each other so well that it’s actually become a recipe I use after I’ve overdone the GnTs, or as part of a refreshing afternoon…

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Hummus

Creamy sweet and spicy hummus. Perfect served as part of a Mezze board, surrounded by colourful veggies and toasted flatbreads.

Summer Time Salmon Quiche

This super tasty summer quiche is a real party pleasure, a mouth watering centre piece for any summer BBQ, and a family favourite whenever I make it. Packed full of flavour, this salmon and vegetable supreme quiche will last for up to a week in the fridge, ready for light lunches and dinners…if it last that long!