“I Can’t Help It I’m Wired This Way”

This is one in the first of a few science related posts I want to do.
I guess you could call it a new “Eating Disorders and the Brain” series.
This stuff fascinates me and it one of the reasons I chose to embark on my BSc in Psychology back in 2013.

I find it amazingly empowering to know that we have incredible brains that adapt depending on our behaviours, but that are also shaped by the world around us, because it puts us back in the driving seat of our recovery.

Life Below Deck: Why I Walked Away From Paradise

Approximately 7 months of this year I spent working abroad working on cruise ships as a youth counsellor. I worked with some of the most fantastic team members, seeing the most beautiful places and gained insight into a style of work, & life, I knew little to nothing about.
So why did I walk away from what people called “living the dream”? In this very honest account I shed light on my life on board, the highs and lows, and share how I came to conclude that maybe my ‘paradise’ life was going to look slightly different.

Top Health Hacks On Board

Staying healthy on board can be hard and when I say “healthy” I’m not just talking about the amount of veggies you pile onto your plate. Recently mental health at sea has been a major topic of discussion as well. The hours are long, the work full on, there’s a lot to adapt to and it can be a shock to the system.

In this post I cover my top health hacks to ensure you have maximum fun & remain full of energy on your contracts!

Safe Sailing & Enjoy

Stressed And Starving to Star-Performing

Hannah’s story is a must read.
From champion runner, winning medals to running herself down a slippery slope into the arms of her eating disorder.
Hannah almost lost everything she’d spent years working hard and training for.
She speaks truth about stress, it’s destructive impact on our health, but how we, with help and unconditional support of those around us, ultimately have the ability to turn destructiveness into determination to become star-performers

“Fat” Is Not A Feeling

  From the billion pound diet industries, to racism, sexism, ableism, and homophobia our world tells us not to love our bodies, even as far as to be ashamed of the skin we’re in. Too often people refer to “feeling fat” as if “fat” is an adjective, the same as feeling ‘happy’, ’tired’, ‘restless’ or…

Preventing Relapses At University

Stress is one of the main triggers of relapses in eating disorders. When the stress piles on we panic. We feel out of control and the natural response is to resort to our coping mechanisms, our safety blanket, and in this case the control of food and weight can seem an “easy escape” to help manage the stress of exams. Here we explore this issue and look at ways in which we can keep healthy and happy whiist smashing our studies. 

Is Diet Culture Is Damaging Our Health? Problems and Solutions

Bulking, Cutting, Clean Eating, Cheat Days…
This post is dishes up the dirt on Diet Culture and the destructive subtexts hidden in the language used around food and exercise, that makes disordered eating seem socially acceptable, encourages yo-yo dieting and ultimately leads to an unhealthy relationship with food and body image.

No labels or diets should ever make you feel inferior or bad about being in your own skin, nor should any diet mean you are not allowed to enjoy the foods and drinks you love.

No labels or associations should ever make you feel inferior or bad about being in your own skin, nor should any diet mean you are not allowed to enjoy the foods and drinks you love…if diet culture hasn’t lead you to forget what these truly are

Beating Binge Eating [6 Tips]

Beat the Binge Since 2013 binge eating disorder (BED) has been classified as a distinct eating disorder, as stated in the fifth edition of the DSM classification and diagnostic manual for clinical disorders. Although many who are obese have BED not all people with a binging disorder are obese. Furthermore, binging is not simply ‘overeating’,…

Prevent Relapsing at University [Top Tips]

I felt this was an important subject to chat about because University can be a stressful times, and trigger an array of unhealthy behaviours and mental health problems if not managed.

Dirty Secrets Behind Clean Eating

Having just watched Grace Victory’s “Dirty Secrets Behind Clean Eating” I felt compelled to write a post about this topic. The programme raised some important points about the dangers of who we trust within the health and fitness industry, and she did so in a lighthearted, informative way. It’s an industry saturated with bloggers, Vloggers and…