Very Berry Flapjacks

Mouth-wateringly Moorish & Suitable for Vegetarians.
Having tried many other protein bakes that have failed or tasted rubbish I was inspired to create my own to support my active lifestyle.
Addressing the fad around “high protein” snacks being “healthier” and whether this is necessary for you, this post is more than just a recipe.

Green Machine Smoothie

Ok, a little cliché, and I’m not really a smoothie kinda person to be honest. But sometimes I fancy a green smoothie and this recipe just hits the spot.  These flavours complement each other so well that it’s actually become a recipe I use after I’ve overdone the GnTs, or as part of a refreshing afternoon…

Very Berry Banana Bread

Filled with bursting berries which keep it moist and sweet; this banana bread is one of my families favourites and will not disappoint your tastebuds.

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Hummus

Creamy sweet and spicy hummus. Perfect served as part of a Mezze board, surrounded by colourful veggies and toasted flatbreads.

Beating Binge Eating [6 Tips]

Beat the Binge Since 2013 binge eating disorder (BED) has been classified as a distinct eating disorder, as stated in the fifth edition of the DSM classification and diagnostic manual for clinical disorders. Although many who are obese have BED not all people with a binging disorder are obese. Furthermore, binging is not simply ‘overeating’,…