Hello and Welcome to Joyful Living!
I’m Josceline Joy, it’s lovely to have you here 🙂  

Since my recovery from anorexia I have been committed to helping others unlock their incredible potential to conquer the impossible, and achieve the incredible.

Consider me your wellbeing Fairy Godmother.
My magic wand containing an abundance of personal experience, Psychology training and mental health campaigning... Gin, wine, chocolate, tears and adrenaline junkie travels.

Ultimately everyone deserves to feel awesome in their own skin, and I’m here to help you beat away the blues and feel your best!

Covering everything from stress management, emotional coping, self-care, and overall freedom from foody fear (ft. my FAVOURITE recipe creations) It’s my aim that you live a healthy, happy, Joy-filled life free from self-sabotaging behaviours.


I know first hand what it’s like to live in a perpetual state of fear, anxiety and self-hate. To have all those feelings and thoughts, uncertainties and worries, focused onto your body.
It’s damaging and it destroys lives.
But I am here to tell you; You have what it takes to break free, and you deserve it.

What’s Joyful Living About?

My site exists to help educate, inspire and challenge the way you think and behave. I believe the more you understand about yourself (creating deeper self-awareness) the more empowered you become to face your fears, and develop resilience in face of your set backs… because stress is inevitable, but the way you cope with it can change.

I work from a psychological perspective; offering an insight into what shapes, breaks and remakes our health and overall mental wellbeing.

This site is chock-a-block with FREE self-help and lifestyle articles just for you!

My Journey

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