About Me



I’m Josceline-Joy
I’m a bubbly, Disney fanatic, peanut-butter loving, tattoo obsessed, adrenaline junkie.


I hold 1st Class Degree in Psychology from Uni, and 1st Class Degree in ANOREXIA recovery from life. 

I have two big tattoos (one down my back, and the other on my thigh) and at one point had around 14 piercings. I drink too much Gin (if there is such a thing as too much Gin…) and LOVE anything that gets your blood pumping
I’ve skydived twice, run the tough mudder, swam with leopards & stingrays, and enjoy whizzing down hill on my push bike really really REALLLLLY fast.

You’ll most likely find me pretending to be a Ninja in the gym, or listening to a good ol’ podcast whilst whipping up some sort of creative culinary concoction in the kitchen. Often followed by a bodged up post on Instagram because I’m not savvy with a camera…  

More recently I graduated from The University of Surrey (Hooray!) with a 1st Class Honours in Psychology, and am currently applying to do my MSc in Health Psychology #StudentLifeForever.

All “Ass” and No “Class” … How I go a 1st baffles the mind!

So…That’s Great, But What Do I Do?

I am a mental health campaigner, and avid fundraiser, associated with the UKs leading Eating Disorders Charity Beat.
If that’s not enough to keep me busy, I have twice been a guest speaker on BBC2 popular news programme Victoria Derbyshire Show, and have an article published on the Neuropathology of Anorexia in the British Psychological Society (BPS) student Journal. More locally I keep involved in public speaking events at Schools, University. 

* * *

For most of this year [2018] I’ve been living on a ship working as a Youth Counsellor for the worlds most popular cruise company. Spending my days Island hopping my way around the Caribbean and Bahamas…. pretty cool, I know! 

* * *
It may be cliché (sorry guys…) but I find an immense amount of joy helping others develop a healthy relationship with themselves; their food, bodies, exercise, and just generally feel badass in their own skin.

I specialise in educating people on the dangers of eating disorders, there development, and how to develop a healthy mind-set around food, body image and stress management (because eating disorders aren’t about food really guys!!! Confusing stuff i know). I also help people develop resilience against the high pressured and perfectionist standards that we live in.
  * * *
I started this site as a way to reach out and help those recovering from disordered eating, applying my background in Psychology alongside personal experience. It has since developed to cover a wide range of health and wellbeing topics centred around behaviour change, self-development, mental health awareness, and more recently my love for cooking, food and nutrition.

All of which I believe central to living a fun-filled, joyful and fulfilling life

“Through Their Eyes…” is the section I set up solely for the purpose of raising awareness about mental and emotional health set-backs, and in hope that others who have been (or are going through) similar situations can find comfort and hope in these journeys. 

* * *

I do not believe in a “one-size fits all” approach when it comes to behaviour change and coaching.
There are many evidence based techniques for promoting a healthier, more self-aware and proactive lifestyle. All have their place to play and can be applied to everyone at some level.

I draw on common principles and practices found within psychology, specifically health psychology, coachingcognitive behaviour (CBT),  intuitive eating, and motivational psychology

Scroll down further to hear my story from struggling to survive to living and thriving