Seasonal Spiced Banana Bread

If Autumn had a taste it would be this sweetly spiced banana bread. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and a twist using crushed cloves and lemon juice, it is the perfect companion to any cuppa tea or spiced pumpkin latte… if you’re feeling super seasonal.

Fat Is Not A “Feeling”

Challenging what is truly self care and self harm, this short post addresses what’s wrong with this terminology, why it’s so damaging to our sense of self, and what we should really be doing to challeneg and change this feeling. 

Anorexia Through Her Eyes

Everyone’s journey and experience of an eating disorder is different.
This is her account of how her anorexia led to a very serious and shocking wake up call to the dangerous, destructive and deceiving power it was exuding in her life.