Spelt Flour Bread Rolls

Bread gets a bad rep and I’m not so sure it’s deserved! In this weeks recipe post I explain all about the glorious benefits of bread in our diet, and give you an easy recipe to add to your weekly meal prep.

Cooking For Kids: Zucchini Slice

This recipe is a family favourite and a must try if you are trying to feed young children or toddlers. Finger-food friendly, backed with healthy proteins, fats and hidden vegetables, it’s a health kick no lunch box should be without.

Dirty Secrets Behind Clean Eating

Having just watched Grace Victory’s “Dirty Secrets Behind Clean Eating” I felt compelled to write a post about this topic. The programme raised some important points about the dangers of who we trust within the health and fitness industry, and she did so in a lighthearted, informative way. It’s an industry saturated with bloggers, Vloggers and…

Dirty Secrets Behind Clean Eating

Exploring the issues relating to disordered eating that are intwined with in this obsession with “clean” foods…(what does that even mean…?!) and the steps we can take to make sure we are not being sucked in by misinformation that diet-culture swamps us with!