Get To Know Me!

Josceline-Joy is a Graduate Psychologist (BSc),  public speaker on eating disorders (recovery and awareness). She is affiliated with Beat, the UK’s leading eating disorder charity.

After her own recovery from battling anorexia nervosa she was inspired to start her website, with the sole aim to raise awareness about mental health and empower people to take the front seat in their recoveries. She shares an insight into her own and others recoveries, writes many self-help and development articles, and shares her passion for food and nutrition.

Josceline has been published by the British Psychological Society(BPS) in their student journal, Psych-Talk, on the neuropathology of eating disorders, and has twice been a guest speaker on the BBC’s  popular News show, Victoria Derbyshire, discussing her experiences accessing treatment, and making a full recovery. She also has articles published by the Daily Mail Online, Real People Magazine and The Surrey Advertiser.

Josceline has experience running local workshops, school and university seminars, as well as working with individuals on a one-to-one basis as a recovery mentor. She plans to return to University next October where she will study for her Postgraduate MSc in Health Psychology.

Currently Josceline remains addicted to adventure and is au pairing in Australia, but remains active in her online blogging and mental health awareness on her social media channels.