Josceline-Joy is a Graduate Psychologist (BSc) who applies both her academic and personal experience recovering from anorexia nervosa, to help others navigate their own recoveries and build confidence in their ability to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

After her own recovery from anorexia nervosa seven years ago, Josceline became affiliated with the UK’s leading eating disorder charity Beat as a media representative and set up “Josceline-Joy” as a way to speak about her experience, break down stigma around mental health and promote a healthy lifestyle.

I remember my parents saying they were checking on me breathing at night. I was watching myself fade away but felt powerless against it. I relapsed three times and spent most of my teenage years in hospitals. I was always depressed, anxious and preoccupied. I lost friends and years of my life.

Josceline has been published by the British Psychological Society (BPS) in their student journal, Psych-Talk, on the neuropathology of eating disorders, and has twice been a guest speaker on the BBC’s popular News show, Victoria Derbyshire.
She also has articles published by the Daily Mail Online, Real People Magazine and The Surrey Advertiser.

Recovering from anorexia was the hardest thing I have ever done. Looking back now I can see how the journey has built such persistence, strength and empathy in me. I am lucky enough to apply my experience into the work I do with public speaking, writing and workshops in hope that other families and sufferers are empowered to recover.

Josceline uses her skills across a wide range of individual, community and national projects and campaigns. She is experienced in running practical and educational workshops, seminars, and managing fundraising events. In the past Josceline has worked with individuals as a recovery mentor.

She plans to return to University next October where she will study for her Postgraduate MSc in Clinical Health Psychology.